How does it work?

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Are there really no costs involved?

No, Sailitalia will take care of everything including the mooring, maintenance, insurance, administration and all the other expenses.

What if the boat breaks during the period of the use?

The boat is covered by comprehensive insurance. If the owner wants to ensure a 100{e151e7bfb318217714ab22531553d1ea2d6b1bf93e21880b21b700f1c8a988af} smooth sail trip, he can pay a small daily fee of security deposit and ensure that any damage made will not be covered by the insurance

What is the monthly income?

The income is calculated as a percentage of the purchase value of the boat (up to 11{e151e7bfb318217714ab22531553d1ea2d6b1bf93e21880b21b700f1c8a988af} per year). If the boat does not work, we undertake to pay the established amount monthly until the contract expires.

What is the duration of the contract?

The contract term is 6 years.

What if you decide to withdraw from the contract earlier?

We are committed for six years; however, the owner has the right to terminate the agreement earlier without any penalty, upon written notice of at least six months before.

Can I use a different boat?

Certainly, we can provide another boat in one of our three Italian bases. Moreover, depending on the availability, the owner can choose a different boat and pay only the rental price difference.


What is the management with upfront payment?

For those who want to have an immediate advantage from buying a boat, Sailitalia offers the possibility to finance the purchase of the boat through a 0 rate leasing with subsidized loans. You will receive the income, up to 50{e151e7bfb318217714ab22531553d1ea2d6b1bf93e21880b21b700f1c8a988af} of the value of the boat, in advance.

What if I already have a boat? Can I give it to you to manage it?

It depends whether it matches our standards. We will make an assessment of the boat and then provide you a quote in order to eventually adapt the boat according to our standards.

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