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Your boat. Our responsibility.

Become a shipowner thanks to the innovative Sailitalia management program.

Why pay a boat’s full price when you can pay it half, or get 6 years of guaranteed income paying it a whole?

With our management programs, you will get a guaranteed monthly income, no management or maintenance costs, and the chance to travel to more than 30 destinations and the greatest seas of the world

What about this program?
Sailitalia is the official reseller of the shipyards Leopard in the region of Campania, Italy, which is using an innovative management system for sailboats. It is a real form of investment that allows you both to save on the purchase of a sailboat and delegate it to a third party. This management system proves great reliability of income as well as being able to sail up to six weeks within one year.
How does it work?
You can simply purchase the boat, hand it over to the company and we will take care of the mooring, maintenance, insurance, administration and all the other expenses for the thrid party. The owner will be able to use his boat from November to March and six weeks during the other months as well as receiving a guaranteed monthly income. This management model is also very flexible as you can, for example, use a similar boat  from one of our three bases in Italy (Procida, Portorosa, Cannigione) or a bigger boat for a small extra charge.
anchor Immediate or guaranteed income
anchor All operating costs in our charge
anchor Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
anchor Liability policy and Kasko
anchor Possibility of sailing until 12 week per year
anchor Assistance H24 over the entire route
Early Income

It is a further opportunity that we offer on some boats: Sailitalia can advance the monthly income, deducting the amount from the purchase price of the boat. The conditions are all unchanged, except for the monthly rent which is not paid as it was deducted in advance from the initial cost of the boat.

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Guaranteed Income

This formula is an interesting investment as it is possible to receive an income as a percentage of the value of the boat up to 11% per year. The income is guaranteed even if the boat is not chartered as we undertake to pay the established amount each month until the end of the contract.

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